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Special Baby Clothes for Everyday Life

Let’s celebrate the joy little ones bring to our lives every day, because childhood is fleeting - like a star. Not every moment is easy, but dressing your baby should be.

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I'm so glad you're here

Once upon a time...I received a package soon after the birth of my first daughter, Vesper (fun fact: her name loosely means "evening star" in Latin). Inside this box were the most beautiful European baby clothes that managed to bring me so much joy: the luxurious fabrics! The cute wood buttons! The beautiful colors! The attention to detail! It was almost as if the pieces were too precious to wear, like a special occasion dress that sits in your closet, waiting for the right time to come out. I couldn't wait for the chance to dress her in them!

But it never happened, because I reached past these items for the boring but easy, plain white onesie every day. You know, the one that didn't cost $80, that didn't have care instructions as high maintenance as my wedding dress, the one that didn't take 10 minutes to put on as I individually threaded each button through, the one that didn't get stuck over my child's 85th percentile head!

I thought about it for a while and kept coming back to this: why can't the pieces that bring you the most joy be easy and wearable so you can actually enjoy them?

As a former beauty buyer for Sephora with no prior fashion experience, I set out on a 2 year journey to create a clothing line that I wished existed when she was born--special but wearable, sustainable but reasonably-priced, and high quality but not high maintenance.

Something I quickly learned as a parent is that it's no longer about waiting for a special occasion because every day with your child is filled with special moments and you deserve to enjoy them. Parenting is hard, clothing shouldn't be. It's my ultimate wish these pieces will make your journey a little brighter, easier (and more stylish!), helping you hold on to all the little moments for a lifetime--one organic pima striped onesie at a time :)

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Earth Friendly

Sustainability at a Fair Price (because we’re parents, too)

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our brand (no pun intended). We care about making the world a better place. And we’re also price conscious.

Our clothing is only available online to offer you the absolute best, organic, ethically-made pieces at the fairest price while continuing to re-invest in quality..

And our pieces are sourced and made in Peru from seed to finished garment, a rare and oh-so-sustainable practice that lessons the carbon footprint of creating garments and further supports the wonderful people who craft our clothing.

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You Shouldn't Have to Decide Between Style & Function

Reimagined silhouettes? Check.
Cute pockets? Check.
Easy snaps to get on and off? Check.
Modern colors? Check.
Adjustable arm sleeves and pant legs? Check.
Stripes? Duh.

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Soft & Comfy

The Softest, Highest Quality Fabrics Shouldn’t be High Maintenance

You won’t find any dry clean and ‘hand wash only’ pieces here. We use the absolute softest (seriously, you have to feel it to believe it) pre-shrunk GOTS certified organic fabric, and it can be swished, swashed, tossed, stretched and still feel soft as a baby’s bottom.

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